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This is a place for people to discuss what they can and are willing to do.

It is read every time there is a change, so, please, let us know what you can do, and we will help you do it.

11/11/08 Hopefully this will boost your recruitment a little: on the 'Myspace' there is a group called Lunar Base with a man named 'Holio' as the moderator. It is not a design group per se, more like a free association chat room. Since membership is open to public and totally free, its worth it to join, post an invitation bulletin and then, periodically, post a progress report. I'm pretty sure Holio (that is his screen name) would be o.k. with this and offer some helpful ideas. He's pretty sharp.

- I will have to do that. -PGG - OK, Looking into that further, I'd have to join MySpace, Not something I am willing to do at this point. If you are a member, Would you be willing to make the connections? -PGG

That said, there are a couple of other pointers you may want to consider:

1) Exchange work. Offer your team's talents to other similar projects in exchange for assistance with key issues. Management of the wiki is a case in point.

- Good point, take a look at "" - PGG

2) Do not wait for volunteers to open up about what they want to do. Ask them to tell you a little about themselves and, from the info they give you, suggest a number of specific areas they could help you with. Most of the interested parties will be non-professionals who can still do great quality work.

- Also good point, (I've been asking you for some time :) - PGG

3) Cut and SWIP. You have not said where the money is coming from to do this project and yet you have laid out a very complex and extensive array of 'required' missions and technologies. This is hurting your credibility. Reduce this down to a single booster concept, for example, and re-examine the need for some of the unmanned flights. This will give the project a more manageable feel.

- OK, We'll get that work more public. The problem is that many negotiations are required to be private until announced. Quick answer? Most of the early money is coming from small private donations, feeding smaller fund-raising. (we are working on a fund-raising dinner, and a fashion show right now) Later fund-raising takes part as media deals, and larger corporate "in-kind" or cash donations. We only need $300M total, That is the same as three America's cup teams or a few NASCAR teams. We do not need it all at once, so as we raise smaller funds, and have wins, we are in a better positions for larger fund-raising, to the point where when we need the last $100M, it will be trivial to raise. Some funds will come in the form of toy and other knick-nack licensing deals, and through the sales of samples and flight ready hardware. If we develop our own launch vehicle, it will also be used to provide launch services for other projects. I will, at some point over the next couple days, move this whole piece to it's own page. (One of the private negotiations is with a very heavy hitter business manager.) - PGG

4) Auto-response. Do not let posted items go unacknowledged for more than two days. This includes e-mails sent to you or anyone on your team. It is less about people's ego than it is about their enthusiasm. You will start to see things accelerate in a good way when communications are at least responded to. The response does not have to be a full-blown assessment of the writer's super-cool new idea; just a friendly acknowledgement will go a long way towards keeping their interest.

- hmm, I've always preferred the personal touch, and with a few exceptions, I am in e-mail contact with most contributors, but I see your point. I don't know how to make the software do that though. Know that most of us keep the "recent changes" page open. -PGG

5) As for the wiki, I would go so far as to deliberately seek out someone who provides webmaster services to manage it. If you work a deal you can possibly get a year or two of their support for a fairly small fee. It is absolutely vital to your organization's goals, it needs to be done right the first time. Hard cash will solve that problem.

- Yes, we have two volunteers, but they don't seem very active. This is a source of some great consternation to me. - PGG

How could I help out? You mentioned you are looking for attorneys. I'm a patent attorney licensed in Washington state (which means I'm a "regular" attorney who is licensed to practice in front of the patent office as well.) My background in physics and information technology.

Thanks - Dominic

A - After a few talks, there are several places we need legal work. First off, we need someone to make sure we aren't stepping on any patent toes, or aren't needlessly exposed to any IP risk. (Kind of tough/funny for an open source group) but I've seen several Open Source projects have their tech stolen from them via patent snatchers, and they, being open source, couldn't afford to fight it. If you want to step out side of that, We would appreciate as many eyes as possible on the Draft_of_proposed_By-Laws. If you really feel like stretching, we drastically need someone to help w/ ITAR. That is the big legal ax over our heads for our US members.

Or, if you want to stay away from the legal side of things, there are many places we need help, take a look around, and let us know what interests you. That's the great thing about a project like this, There is (are several)something for every one.

Paul 16:24, 4 February 2010 (UTC)

I stumbled across your group in the latest issue of ieee spectrum. I'm a mathematician and I write software for the analysis and visualization of large volumes of data. I also have degree and some work experience in architecture (the architecture which involves buildings, not software). I'd love to help. I have a few ideas about for possible improvements to your web presence. Do you still need someone to help you out there? If not I'm happy to volunteer other my skills.

Ciao, James

-- Paul 16:24, 4 February 2010 (UTC) Did Gary get back with you?

I can help with "Target Market" study and any webmastering/writing that needs to be done. One suggestion - there seems to be no direct way to contact anyone involved in the study. Is there an email address I can use?


Paul 16:24, 4 February 2010 (UTC) Sorry about the delayed response. I need to watch this page. (Done.) If you click on any user's name, you should see an e-mail user link of anyone who has filled out their e-mail address in their user page. (As you should do.) That should get you to anyone not on the | Team page (All team leaders have an e-mail link there.)

Also, there is a list of market research at Donor_development_documents. My e-mail address is in my user page here, and on the team page. Please contact me for writing work, and helping on the web team.

I like to think of myself as a "Blender Expert", what needs blenderizing? I'm rather handy with Python too, need anything scripted? Cnelson 10:46, 6 February 2010 (UTC)

--- Paul 17:56, 6 February 2010 (UTC) Good to see you. We can use many of your skills, but right now, blender may be the most important. David Thompson should be contacting you soon with some requests. You can also contact me or Gary if you would like more to do :)

I'm fairly handy with Blender as well, have been using it for several years.

Here's a sampling of my various works in progress.

--Sastrei 22:59, 8 February 2010 (UTC)

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