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Mission1, Scout, [LookSee]

NavigaiterHow 'bout putting a web-cam on a LunaSat and charging web-surfers a few hundred to a thousand bucks a minute to pan, tilt and zoom a well-made web-cam that's a quarter of a million miles away? The satellite would already have built-in radio data channels and a camera of some type so the web-cam function would be a minor edit. Due to seven/eighths less gravity, Lunar orbits are 7/8 lower than earth orbits, I suppose, so the telephoto lens doesn't have to be huge but big enough for the paying operator to see exciting detail, perhaps an antique abandoned Apollo Lander? Definitely have a paid contest to see who can discover the best "Face on the Moon." for PR news value. If we get a revenue stream at the start, we can finance the really expensive M5.

How about a mission 0 class. micro lander, impact mission, or orbiter ? Just a thought on what is a closer goal. GES 6/4/09 You think Mission 1 should be modified, GES? How so? What would be a great but tiny mission profile? Come on, elaborate, don't just burp 'n run! [6/27/09 Nav]

Mission2, "Boomerang Class", [Getta Sample]

Revenue Stream Any lander must deposit millionaires' booties [or cremated ashes or urine samples or whatever tiny momentos they wish], for millions of bucks. They'll pay. That is free income, huge money.

Mission3, Pathfinder, [Land a human]

Prepares and evals a site for a team to install a habitation capsule for a crew of seven to nine.

Mission4, Explorer, [Landa Crew, Brings a habtank and buries it]

Navigaiter Thinking it over, the roughest thing to the establishment of an outpost [besides funding], is digging a trench, rolling a partially-inflated hab into it, backfilling the hab in the trench and then covering the hab module with at least three meters of ray-shielding regolith.

==Mission5, Pioneer, (my suggested name) Navigaiter Installs more modules, builds a real Moon Station. Makes income with TOURISM and rents the lab to visiting science teams.

To more easily cover the hab, we need to roll it into a trench which was dug near an impact-crater wall so the ejecta wall can be pushed down onto the hab. Whew.

- One word - Explosives... (PGG)

Need a forklift/backhoe to do that, even in 1/8 gravity. Apollo showed us that doing physical work in a MoonSuit is a non-starter.

- Ahh, BS. Those suits were garbage, the current EMUs are garbage for field work. Look at the suit design that is being worked on, and take a look at Dr. Paul Webb's work. (Dr. Webb is making the textiles for this suit.) We are working on a high flexibility suit designed with the Geologist in mind. One for hard work in the nasty field. A suit you can crawl in, work in, dig in, even eat and drink (and urinate and defecate) in. Not some pansy suit to make boot prints that you can't even kneel in.

First, piling boulders against the hab will hasten the fill process but it must be done gently to protect the hab skin. Boy, a backhoe is so heavy that it would need its own MoonTrip to haul it over there.

Mission5 needs 3 parts -- [1] Backhoe Trip [2] Add a trip for the hab and [3] Another one for the crew and supplies and whew, that's big league cash. But it will be done.

MILITARY involvement

Desirable? Preventable?

Trouble is, the Mils are gonna wanna be involved because they know that a militarized Luna would be the "Highest Ground" in the next war. The minute we let one mil inside, it will become considered just that, high ground.

The Mil will bribe us to work with and for them. Anybody want it?

If a company refuses the participation of the MIL, the Mil may politically prevent the program from flying. They are a large part of the reason why nasa hasn't led us into space but cancelled every good space access project. Nasa defacto is a technology developer for the military/industrial complex. Defacto, doesn't matter if the CALL themselves a civilian agency. The mil is responsible for keeping nasa's Gateway to Space closed and locked. Until now. The ugly point is that we will have to take the accursed power structures of LimboEarth with us, darn it.

Revenue Streams

Teleoperations would produce instant income from around the world. This is where various things on and around Luna could be operated by web surfers for a fee transacted with a credit card. The simplest is to control the pan, tilt and zoom of a web-cam on a Lunar Orbiter. [!] Easy Then there is the big ticket thrill; teleoperating a LunarRover! Five Grand per minute? I think so.

Naming rights for the Luna Lodge could be worth 50 million bucks to somebody who needs a great monument to their insatiable greed. [You reading, Bill Gates?] The first Luna Lodge will definitely be a monument to mankinds insatiable need to exceed.

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