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Created talk page July 4 09

  • I think the entrance airlock should have mandatory clean room standards.
  • I believe disciplinary action should result from dirty lazy Mooners taking any dirt into the hab.
  • The clean room must be designed smooth and easy to clean in every part.

Len Cross has drawn the LL in MS Visio format. I hope he sends me a copy at navigaiter(at) and that he posts a jpg version on the LL wiki page on the other side of this discussion page.

No LunaLodge activity noted for one year. [!] Amazingly pathetic. I wasn't able to find this page easily. I knew it was here because I created it and was able to insert "LunaLodge" into the search box. SO! Howsabout re-organizing this Wonderful wiki with a good TREE index page? Navigaiter 16:41, 30 December 2010 (UTC)

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