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What we know of the beast from human interaction during Apollo expeditions fifty years ago.--Navigaiter 21:37, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

A good article on Lunar Dust mitigation - Paul

How it evolved and what's in it?

Size range of particles.

Clinginess static electric adhesion, how and why it sticks to MoonSuits.

Health hazards.

Mechanical hazards to equipment.

RegoDust Control, RDC

Without strict dust control, the expedition will not survive. This is a big critical system of itself, not an aside.

  • Keep RD out of the hab!
    • De-dusting station on hab front porch
    • Dustoff Leggings on evry MoonSuit!
      • These removable sleeves can cover the boots and the legs of the Moonsuits. Leggings would be left hanging beside the de-dusting station. Leggings would save all the work otherwise necessary to remove dust from the legs of the Moonsuit. Apollo photos show Moonauts' suits covered in dark dust up to the knees.
  • Airlock Clean Room This room is also the storage place for Moonsuits and boots so they, and their residual dust particles, will never enter the hab space.
    • Clean room tools and mandatory standards in the hab's entrance airlock --Navigaiter 15:33, 10 July 2009 (UTC)
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