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Employment announcement

OpenLuna is announcing that we are looking to hire a professional fund-raiser - Only candidates who can find appropriate funding sources, and walk in asking for numbers from $50,000 to $100,000,000, and not bat an eye need apply. (We will of course, also be looking for smaller and larger amounts.)

Contact [Paul] and [Debi-lee]

"OpenLuna is a once in a lifetime opportunity for regular people, students, hobbyists to be meaningfully involved in a real Moon mission. Not just going to meetings of fellow believers and complaining about it, but actually do something for a mission that will actually fly!"

This is the second most viewed page on the site. Second only to the main page. That certainly means that people are willing to help. So, So if you are reading this, volunteer. Even if you aren't listed below, volunteer. See the Discussion for here (discussion above), sign up for an account, and tell us what you want to do. Today. Right now.

First thing - Tell every one you know. This is the most important thing you can do. Done that yet? no? then go do it.

Done? Good...

We are open-source and we can use almost everyone, and if you want to help, let us know who you are and I'm sure there is something you can do. We will most certainly need you.

Here are some specific projects we need handled now

If you have a piece of hardware we need, Describe it here, if you can write, write something, If you understand Media-wiki, please clean these pages up, if you want to draw a picture, then by all means send it in, but please do something.

Having said that, we need certain specialists. If you are a(n);

Artist - If you want to freelance, take a look at Artwork_Desired


Blender experts.

ITAR expert

A Canadian ITAR specialist






Business manager

Please let us know ASAP! - Like now!

We have a immediate need for some specific people that may develop to a paid position.

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