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"LUNALODGE" is a minimalist human habitation tank, or capsule, or HabCap. It designs to become the initial Lunar Hab/Lab/Res and the toehold for extra-terrestrial navigation and migration. Navigaiter

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FEATURES of LunaLodge


Without RegoDust Control, RDC, Lunar enterprise cannot survive. LunaLodge necessarily features a four-stage effective dust control system; Navigaiter

  1. "Front Porch" electronic gazebo
  2. "Foyer" entrance airlock clean room
  3. Filters, both active and passive, in the habitation's breathable air ducts
  4. Housekeeping Regimen.

De-Duster Gazebo

This is a Pre-cleaning Station prior to going into the Foyer Clean Room. Think "Boot Scraper.' The deck is a grating which most dust falls through when you stamp your feet. Then you sit down and apply the electrostatic brushes and other "to be invented" industrial-strength cleaning devices.--Navigaiter 21:35, 2 July 2009 (UTC)

CleanRoom Foyer

Well, the bad news is you can't go in and out at will. Sorties will be limited to once a day per person because it wastes hab air each time the airlock is discharged into the LunaVac. It would be nice to pump the airlock down to near vacuum and save the air in a pressure tank but compressors use big watts.

Unless you've stayed on the front porch and not trudged the regolith, you'll need to work on your clinging moondust for a half hour to get every grain off. It's time consuming. An entrance timer will blink for 30 minutes. If you just site there not cleaning your MoonSuit, the Captain will reset the timer to zero when you press the "Enter Request" button. Who and how will this be enforced? The Captain must also be a "Dust Nazi."

Dust Discipline is maintained at 100%, no tolerance, period. There will be a cleanliness test before being accepted for a mission.

Hab Air Dust Filtration

Not talking about air re-freshment methods, only about particle filtration techniques, active and passive styles. What is active particle filtration?

Housekeeping Regimen

Hab cleaning is not a nicety: It's a necessity for safety.

The hab interior surfaces are designed to be smooth, uncluttered and easily washable or the crew won't survive. It's pretty simple.

UV germ-killing with Ultra-violet ray brushes having fiber-optic bristles (??). Operator Must wear glass eyewear when using UV as glass blocks UV radiation.

Mandatory Maid Service, MMS  ;-] Yes, being an astronaut is not all glamour. [Lunanaut? nah we need a new word here. Moonie? It's been taken]

Fume HoodNavigaiterFume hood techniques would mandatory to isolate regodust and other test Lunar specimens in a glass cabinet with intrusive gloves. It's an isolated cabinet and counter workspace.


The front porch supports a de-dusting station called the De-Duster Gazebo, the DDG. The porch is a viewpoint for the inimitable Lunar Landscape. The porch is a casual place to get out of the house. Outside, away from the gang, you can ponder human progress as you feel the miracle of being where you are: on the moon, looking down on the Earth, a quarter of a million miles away, that's all. Navigaiter

The porch, and maybe the gazebo, needs a bench seat. The porch needs a sun and cosmic ray canopy. It should be lightweight construction so as not to obscure the fact that one is out of doors! This is critical. The habtank can feel like a sardine can. Navigaiter

How do submarines keep their condensed crewmembers from going stir crazy after months of being submerged?/ Navigaiter

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