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Explorer_class Outpost build mission

The Build team will consist of as many as three "Loonies" (given adequate funding for technology and supplies). Bring shelter materials and further grade the site for outpost. Crew is expected to be the original Pathfinder_class explorer, plus an Engineer with a solid Science background, and a Planetary Geologist that has an Engineering background.

Place the outpost in the prepared trench, secure it to the regolith, inflate it, and fill the ribs with reinforcing spray foam. Pressurize the outpost as you bury it. (Preventing overpressure over-expansion.)

Bury the structure roughly 3 meters deep for protection from radiation and other hazards.

Inflate and fill the Furnishings and test all hab systems.

Once the outpost is finished, the Planetary Geologist will start working, testing the lab systems and field gear. The lead Engineer will be detailing outpost systems. The "spare" explorer will assist whoever needs it.

This should result in a completed, detailed outpost.

---Publicize this headline! It's the major human epochal event since the New World was settled! This is when the skyrockets go off and the funding will avalanche!

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