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**OL Science Team meetings will resume as soon as there is enough interest. Please contact Melissa (contact info at [1]) if you have relevant expertise & would like to participate in future meetings. Meeting notes will be posted here: OpenLuna Science.**

12/30/08 What will we do when we get there? Just going to build an outpost is certainly a reasonable goal, but, there really needs to be more, or it will be another Skylab. We want, no, need a reason to continue, to keep striving for more. So, Come, please, tell us what you want to do, what science you want to see done. (Only ideas you can participate in, and no "Look for the Alien Base" please unless you have confirmed pictures...)


Science? Consider:

1) Stratigraphic studies (drillings & soundings) over large regions

2) Sintering using a lunar based microwave oven

3) Radiation mitigation studies

4) Vacuum soil penetration/compaction mechanics

5) Structural mass/ground bearing investigations

6) Solar Hydrogen magnetic 'harvesting'

7) Vehicle/surface dynamics analysis

8) Human mobility systems analysis (non-wheeled, non-tracked systems)

9) DSN Station (sometimes used for certain interplanetary-scale experiments)

10) Solar telescope

11) Multi-point interferometry (with Earth stations)

12) Laser Sail test program (lander probe(s) to Mercury)

13) Bio-cellular low-gravity adaptation (plant/animal/human)

14) Supra-Thermal ion mapping/coronagraphic studies

15) Long-duration exposure study (bare and coated materials)

16) . . .

Well, I really should save something for the second week. . .

Supply Depot for The Settlement of Mars

Think of it as a modern day St. Louis Missouri which "opened the western frontier." It's not sexy but is useful and pays well. Paid well, that is.Navigaiter

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